• Literatuur

    Goede boeken over lichaamswerk en therapie:


    Pete Egoscue: Pain Free

    Jack Painter: Deep Bodywork and Personal Development.

    Jack Painter: Technical Manual of Deep Wholistic Bodywork: Postural Integration. 

    Joseph Heller and William Henkin: Bodywise (Hellerwork)

    Alexander Lowen: Bio energetics, Fear of Life

    Pete Egoscue: Pain Free, The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion

    Esther Gokhale: 8 Steps To A Pain Free Back

    Thomas Myers: Anatomy Trains

    Kathrin A. Stauffer: Anatomy and Physiology for Psychotherapists

    Various: Transformation of The Self With Bodymind Integration

    Wilhelm Reich: The Function of The Orgasm

    Ron Kurtz: The Hakomi Method: Body Centered Psychotherapy

    Sandra Blakeslee, Matthew Blakeslee: The Body Has A Mind of Its Own



    Jos Dolstra: Body & Mind Language



    Marco and Doris Guidon: Postural Integration