• Counseling

    Through talking and sharing you will become aware of the issues that you find difficult in your life. As a therapist I will help you use these problems as stepping stones towards solutions and a way forward. Simply having the space to share yourself with a person who listens emphatically can be enough to gain personal insight and awareness.

  • Rebalancing

    Rebalancing is a body oriented form of therapy created from Rolfing and Postural Integration. Using deep massage strokes, in combination with assisted stretches and joint release, you will regain your body-mind balance.

  • The Egoscue Method

    The Egoscue Method is postural therapy. With a sedentary life-style, stress and emotional tension, the body will start to develop dysfunctions, compensations and imbalances. It is then a question of time before body pain will ensue. With a series of gentle exercises and stretches your body will get a chance to work according to its original design again. You will restore balance and symmetry and pains caused by bad posture will be alleviated. With improved posture you will also experience an improvement in your emotional state of being and it is ideal as a complement to psychotherapeutic work and deep tissue massage.

  • Gestalt

    You grow into a mature and responsible human being by addressing your difficulties in the here and now. Gestalt therapy is based on the simple question: How do I prevent myself from solving my own problems? I will not give you standard answers, but will help you to locate your stumbling blocks and address what you need to do to move on.

  • Bioenergetics

    Bioenergetics is a based on the idea that blocks to emotional expression and wellness are revealed in the body as chronic tension, which is often subconscious. The blocks are treated by combining specially designed physical exercises, emotional expression and touch.

  • Myofascial Energetic Release

    A technique developed by Satyarthi Peloquin to treat body pain. Chronic tension in connective tissue and muscles is one of the main reasons for pain in the neck, shoulders, back and pelvis. Slow, deliberate and deep massage work helps the tissue relax. The metabolism starts functioning again, the muscles can work according to their function and the rest of the body unwinds.

  • Emotional Release

    Expressing and letting go of repressed feelings is an important part of personal growth. Old fear, anger and pain can keep you stuck in your past and stop you from fulfilling your potential in the present.

  • Body Reading

    Body reading is based on the concept that the structure of your body has been shaped by your experiences and that it also mirrors your present feelings and attitudes. For example, with a poor self image you may try to make yourself ‘small’ by hunching your shoulders and lowering your head. By becoming aware of your postural pattern and what it communicates to you, you will learn a lot about yourself and see how behaviour and emotions mutually influence each other.

  • Unwinding

    After exploring your physical and emotional issues, relaxed and spontaneous movements will help you process your experiences and really make them yours. Unwinding is generally perceived as very pleasureable.

  • Re-entry/Applying Your Insights

    The tension in your body is abating, you get more in touch with what you feel and you feel more confident expressing yourself. Your insight into the powers that shaped you has grown and you begin to realise that you have a lot of choices available. A new feeling of empowerment is there. What now? What does it all mean for your work and career, for your relationships and for your life? Together we will look at where you stand and where your next steps can be.