• The Magic of Movement

    A 5-day after summer retreat on Corsica   Would you like to connect with the deeper layers within you? To take the space, to really be yourself? Get insight into what moves you? And next to that also be able to unwind and relax? Get out of your usual rut and take the trip to Corsica for the

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    TRE at the Police Academy, Zaandam

    TRE (Tension Release Exercises) As a Part of Education on Trauma Ontwikkelplein, Police Academy, Zaandam  We are all vulnerable to the cumulative effect of stress on the body, but police officers are more often in situations of shock and threat than most of us. Sometimes there is a single

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    TRE: Trauma Release Exercises

    Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) TRE comprises a series of 8 physical exercises that help free up muscular tension. Many people have at some point in their lives experienced a frightening situation or prolonged stress. TRE was developed to help people process these situations. When experiencing fear

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    Body, Breath, Beat

    Evening Sessions Bodywork: Learning to consciously cope with stress and relaxation These evenings at Berkeley are for anyone who likes to relax in his own body and mind with the help of body-oriented techniques Breathing has a lot of impact on how we feel. If we hold our breath or even breathe too

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  • The Trainer

    Ketu Bo has more than 20 years of experience with bodywork in groups. He has led therapy groups in the Netherlands, Sweden, England, Lithuania, Italy, Brazil and China and is known for his creative fusion of dance, movement and bodywork together with music.