• Antje, 30 years old

    Looking back at my physical and emotional posture at the time when I started the therapy and how I look at myself now there is a world of difference. It has had a big effect on my daily life: how I now experience my body in a positive way, it has helped me both to breathe better and to recognise and process emotional blocks.

  • Benny, 23 years old

    I learned how to express myself better and got a lot more awareness into the price I pay to get love from people. My waist started to get more trim and firm and I lost a lot of weight during the therapy. I look and feel younger and stronger now than ever before.

  • Jaap, 48 years old

    In the part of my body which got treated I always felt more ‘space’; a feeling of expansion and energy. It was noticeable how this feeling spread to other parts of my body. I felt more grounded after the session, with my feet really on the ground.

  • Freek, 53 years old

    The therapy has made me aware of how to handle the past. I now know that these experiences strengthen me in the future. It has a very positive effect on me.

  • Daniel, 39 years old

    Thank you very much for your help! I have more self-confidence now and I am more able to relax.  I will not loose myself again.

  • Marlene, 63 years old

    Thank you very much for the effective coaching and Postural Integration. After my burnout I now have my feet firmly planted on the ground and I feel like I am growing again. With the tools you gave I can now proceed on my own. Your listening attitude, integrity and high level of understanding was a plus. What I also liked was the 'all-round' approach, including both mind, emotions and body.