• Evening Sessions Bodywork: Learning to consciously cope with stress and relaxation

    These evenings at Berkeley are for anyone who likes to relax in his own body and mind with the help of body-oriented techniques

    Breathing has a lot of impact on how we feel. If we hold our breath or even breathe too fast, then we find ourselves in a fight or flight situation. In this stressful situation we repress emotions and store them as stiffness and tension in muscles and connective tissue. As a result, you experience body pains, fatigue, depression and less pleasure in life.

    Using the elements breathing, movement and sound you get the chance to explore different parts of yourself. Relaxation occurs when you breathe deeper and calmer, let your body discharge energy en allow your voice to be heard.

    It takes effort to explore these three facets of yourself, but making contact with your life energy can be very enjoyable and is perceived as a coming home to yourself. You're more in touch with your body, your feelings and your real needs.

    In this series of evening sessions we will use different methods and techniques. Dance, Bioenergetics / body work, partner exercises, meditation, breath work and Chi Gong, among others.

    We work in a group with sufficient space for each individual process. With an eye for humor and fun the trainer will always take the energy of the group into account, as well as participants’ individual needs.


    Please register at info@ketubo.com