Postural Integration practitioner

      Humaniversity Consultant

      Deep Tissue Massage practitioner

      Postural Alignment Specialist 

      Ketu was born in Norway and grew up with a lot of sports and outdoor activities. After travels in the Middle East, West Asia, India and Nepal he studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands. During 4 years in Switzerland he worked as a freelance photographer and as a therapist for people with handicaps.

       He is trained as a therapist in the Humaniversity, where he also worked for a long time as a staff member, specialising in bodywork, dance, encounter and sexuality.

      Ketu became a Postural Integration practitioner under the guidance of Dirk Marivoet from the Centre for BodyMind Integration in Gent, Belgium. He learned Rebalancing from one of its creators, Satyarthi Peloquin and trained as a Postural Lignment Specialist at the Egoscue Institute in San Diego, USA.

      Ketu is a member of:

      SBLP (Stichting Beroepsorganisatie voor Lichaamsgeoriënteerde Psychotherapie, vh. NVPIT)

      RBCZ (Register Beroepsbeoefenaren Complementaire Zorg), TCZ (Tuchtrecht Complementaire Zorg)

      IHTAN (International Humaniversity Therapist Association Netherlands)

      Egoscue University recognition as Postural Alignment Specialist.

      AGB Codes:

      Practitioner: 90044904

      Practise: 90053579

      Chamber of Commerce: 61355070

      Wkkgz CAM COOP: SBLP0709196411

    • "Ketu is a great body therapist. Your body posture tells you a lot. Ketu will analyse your body and tell you what he sees. According to Wilhelm Reich you need to get your body in a natural flow, with a sound, and enjoy it. Ketu will show you how to get there".

      Veeresh Yuson-Sanchez, President Osho Humaniversity